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24th June 2020

Nic Marks

We’ve laid down lures of cool Friday drinks to catch the ‘Pharrell Williams’ of statistics; happiness expert Nic Marks.

Nic is the CEO and Founder of Friday Pulse, helping organisations understand employee wellbeing, as well as being a leading statistician and TED speaker, and is arguably best known for his work in creating The Happy Planet Index; the first global measure of sustainable well-being. He’s worked with The British Government and The Kingdom of Bhutan and has been featured in publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, and Wired.

He talks to us on the drivers of happiness, how businesses can measure and monitor happiness, Aristotle, shining toilet brass, tips for managing teams during the pandemic, how to have a good Zoom call, neuroscience and loads more. It’s packed like a pandemic second date picnic hamper (too soon?) so go consume until your ears are content.

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Check out his personal website.

And the website for Friday Pulse which helps companies measure happiness, and is free for all organisations with under 1000 employees during the COVID-19 crisis.

Guest's Reading List

Book 21 letters

21 Letters on Life and its Challenges

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Book becoming myself

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Book loves executioner

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Irvin D. Yalom

Book strange order things

The Strange Order of Things

Antonio Damasio

Book shantaram


Gregory David Roberts

Book cloud atlas

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David Mitchell

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