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04th April 2024

Mr Gammon

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This week, we scoured wardrobes far and wide to catch a man who has dressed rock icons, Sapeurs of the Congo, a blue monster for Ed Sheeran, and even ‘plug boy’ from the Sainsbury’s Christmas ad; Mr Gammon.

Costume designer, fashion stylist, and distinctive English gent, Mr Gammon is the go-to guy for creatively styled costumes. Whether it’s dressing The Rolling Stones, elegant men of the Congo, Usain Bolt, a school nativity like no other, or mum and dad in jeans and a t-shirt; no cast is too vast, nor celebrity too big.

We wag chins on his first ever job with an alcoholic called Malcolm, his first proper job dressing Adam Ant, making and selling bermuda shorts at school, being a colourful punk, what he loves about being on set, how a joke about needlework changed the trajectory of his life, managing expectations, where ‘Mr Gammon’ came from, taking 25 suitcases to film Guinness ‘Sapeurs’, making jackets for Mick Jagger, drawing as ‘creative offsetting’, and a treasure trove more.

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Loving You is Killing Me by My Life Story


(02:09) - Quick fire questions, Doctor Who, and the reality check The Rolling Stones gave him

(08:14) - First jobs, making bermuda shorts, and designing for Adam Ant

(16:05) - His time at the Royal College of Art

(20:30) - The ‘common good of the shoot’ when you’re on set

(27:55) - Dealing with the opinions and emotions of different people on set

(39:39) - His new work for Carlsberg

(41:35) - Listener questions

(46:30) - 4 pertinent posers

Guest's Reading List

Small Trades

Irving Penn

Michel the Giant: An African in Greenland

Tété-Michel Kpomassie

Learning to Love You More

Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher

The Old Patagonian Express

Paul Theroux

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