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01st May 2020

Matt Watkinson

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We’ve masqueraded as a waiter with dreams of Hollywood this week to catch LA’s finest CX designer Matt Watkinson.

Matt is co-founder and CEO of Methodical and an internationally renowned author, speaker and consultant on customer experience and business strategy, speaking at events for the likes of Microsoft, Salesforce, American Express, and the FBI. His first book, The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences, won CMI’s Management Book of the Year, and his second book, The Grid, was shortlisted for 2019’s Management Book of the Year.

He talks to us on his very unique early career path (he has never actually been employed), how designing an award-winning website for Argos launched him into the UX and ultimately the CX stratosphere, 10 CX principles to follow, his books, his frustrated dreams of being a pianist and so much more. Go gorge and enjoy.

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Here is Methodical’s website.

Matt has written two books:

The Grid

The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences

Guest's Reading List

The Grid

Matt Watkinson

The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences

Matt Watkinson

Thinking in Systems

Donella H. Meadows

The Nature of Technology

W. Brian Arthur

Financial Intelligence

Karen Berman


Robert Greene

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