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07th September 2023

Matt Herbert & Connor Archbold

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This week, we rattled the trunk of a large tree to dislodge and catch Matt Herbert and Connor Archbold.

A pair of possum* players turning brand tracking upside down, Matt and Connor are co-founders of Ritson-backed startup, Tracksuit. The duo are dead set on making it easier and cheaper for marketers to track their brand health, demonstrate return on marketing spend, and answer the all important question, "Is what we're doing working?".

Go press play and unleash a mega catch of informative marsupials, including; getting brand tracking into boardrooms, knowing your brand’s ‘job to be done’, picking the fruit vs watering the tree, future demand, how CMOs should talk to to CFOs, the cookie-pocalypse, velcro buttons, the future of Tracksuit, playing possum, and more.

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Check out the Tracksuit website too.

*A proper Kiwi drinking game. To play possum, you climb a tree (along with your case of beer) and drink until you fall out of the tree. First person to fall out of the tree loses.


(01:57) - Quick fire questions and who’s a strong budgie smuggler fan

(02:58) - Matt’s first jobs, working in radio and getting into the world of startups

(06:18) - Connor’s beginnings as a corporate lawyer and reconnecting with Matt

(07:47) - The hypothesis that started Tracksuit

(10:15) - Making brand tracking more accessible

(16:14) - Knowing your ‘jobs to be done’ as a brand

(21:09) - Brand building as future demand

(22:48) - How the CMO should talk to the CFO

(24:40) - The future of Tracksuit

(27:44) - Listener questions, velcro buttons and playing possum

(35:58) - 4 pertinent posers

Guest's Reading List

Travels with Charley: In Search of America

John Steinbeck

Future Demand

James Hurman

Shoe Dog

Phil Knight

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