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27th May 2021

Louis Grenier

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This week we’re leading the frontline charge against marketing B.S. by catching and conscribing the fiery Frenchman and frère from another mère, Louis Grenier.

Quite simply one of the most maverick marketers on the planet, Louis’ mega-successful marketing podcast, Everyone Hates Marketers, has over 1 million downloads and interviews industry giants like Seth Godin and Mark Ritson.

Lend us your ears for a riotous rendezvous on why everyone really hates marketers, being radically different, how to up your Tinder game, the problem with looking at your own belly button, misquoting Richard Shotton, psychographics, and a bike shed load more. Plus, find out what on earth Marcelo Bielsa and Daft Punk have in common.

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And here’s what Russell Davies has to say about “bikeshedding” (via Richard Shotton)

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