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23rd March 2022

Laura Jordan Bambach

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This week, we whizzed back to the 90s and stuck out our thumb on the side of the information superhighway, hoping to catch a ride with award-winning creative and digital pioneer, Laura Jordan Bambach.

Currently President and Chief Creative Officer at Grey London, Laura is a total ad land powerhouse, dishing out truly creative work for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Topics covered in this episode somehow span; zombies, Nine Inch Nails, industrial quantities of chicken breast, fixing tractors, the “Geekgirl” hyperzine, the early days of the net, how we can prevent agencies from becoming the least creative places on earth, an infinite robotic knitting machine, a deep dive into service stations, and why her mum has a pixelated clitoris hung on the wall. Dial-up the World Wide Web and listen. Bee-bee-bee-dsshhhh.

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(02:00) - Quickfire questions

(04:41) - First-ever job

(11:20) - Getting into digital art and the early days of the web

(18:17) - Starting her own agency and living in an art commune

(25:37) - Have we relied too much on tech at the expense of creativity?

(31:12) - Preventing agencies from becoming the least creative places on earth

(36:00) - Listener questions (including one from Nick Ellis)

(44:02) - 4 pertinent posers

Guest's Reading List

Mr. Eternity

Elizabeth Meyers and Roy Williams

Hard Boiled Wonderland

Haruki Murakami

Wild Sheep Chase

Haruki Murakami

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