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05th May 2022

Keerti Nair

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This week, we’ve masqueraded as a cartoon tiger and talked our way into Kellogg to catch truly gr-r-reat marketer, Keerti Nair, for a chinwag.

Hell-bent on bridging the gap between commerce and creativity, she’s Marketing Effectiveness and Digital Transformation Lead at Kellogg and has cut her teeth in the industry over 16 years, 4 continents and 2 recessions.

She talks to us on going from engineering to marketing, selling Coca Cola products door-to-door, relentless learning, why selling tea bags wouldn’t work in Sudan (and other lessons from a career spanning four continents!), tips to take advantage of the golden age of media planning, KFC, tacos, why we should be proud to be marketers and tons more.

You’d be a fool not to snap, crackle and pop it in your ears, pronto.

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(01:55) - Quick fire questions

(04:26) - First ever job

(06:54) - Going from engineering to marketing

(14:31) - Being a relentless learner

(17:19) - Experiences & learnings from working across 4 continents

(25:58) - The unsexy boring bits of marketing (retail, promotion, distribution, pricing)

(30:50) - How you can take advantage of the golden age of media planning

(39:37) - Who is doing purpose well? And who’s lying?

(44:17) - What she looks for in an agency partner

(47:39) - Campaigns she wishes she’d done

(49:41) - Go-to recipe

(53:38) - 4 pertinent posers

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Andy Nairn

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