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09th February 2023

Joe Glover

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This week Glover’s in the air(waves), everywhere I look around, as we catch Joe from The Marketing Meetup for a positively lovely chinwag.

The kind of guy who gives marketing a good name, Joe Glover is the smile behind a growing community of marketers that’s currently 25,000 strong. At weekly events, his community hears from Oscar nominees, disabled rights champions, and marketing heroes such as Ritson, Rory, and many of the world’s best-known marketers.

Lend us your ears as we talk Cantona, self-worth, salary, “inventing” the marketing funnel, how growth enables impact, why he never gives advice, shooting for the States when he should’ve shot for the moon, building a brand with love and kindness at its core, how he built the most welcoming community in marketing, and so much more.

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(01:42) - Quick fire questions

(04:25) - First ever job and first job in marketing

(08:51) - Thinking he invented the marketing funnel

(14:04) - Why he started The Marketing Meetup

(16:25) - How he created a seriously welcoming community

(24:16) - The origin of ‘positively lovely'

(30:20) - The future of The Marketing Meetup

(38:19) - Listener questions

(48:38) - 4 pertinent posers

Guest's Reading List

The Escape Artist

Jonathan Freedland

Man’s Search For Meaning

Viktor E Frankl

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