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04th February 2021

Harriet Minter

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We’ve gone all in with a pair of Jacks to bluff and catch journalist and broadcaster Harriet Minter this week.

Harriet is an expert in female leadership, working from home and accidental autoerotic asphyxiation. After a hugely successful stint at The Guardian, founding a first-of-its-kind Women in Leadership editorial section, Harriet’s latest foray into writing, Working from Home: How to Build a Career you Love Outside the Office, is a bullshit-free guide to the new flexible workplace.

We up the ante and chat on her first (and worst) job at The Lemon Tree café, ditching university for Ocean Road, working at The Guardian, finding a safe space to fail, winning a £15,000 handbag in a poker tournament, managing remote teams, proceeding until apprehended and loads more.

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