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30th September 2020

George Tannenbaum 2

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They say you should leave an audience wanting more, but sod that, as this week we are giving you a huge double helping of more, as it is part 2 of our chat with George Tannenbaum.

One of the most highly awarded, revered and talented copywriters and creative directors on the planet, George is a freelancer who was previously Executive Creative Director and Copy Chief at Ogilvy for over 10 years, and has worked with huge brands like IBM, Boeing, PayPal and General Motors.

Allow your ears to be bent by George’s blissful yet biting NY tones, as he talks on subjects such as the state of copywriting, what he would do if he was Joe Biden, rediscovering his love for advertising, what he would banish from the industry, his time at Ogilvy including his last assignment working on the Boeing account, clickbait and how to write a good headline and more. Go tune in, you lucky, lucky people.

Oh. And that’s not to mention a perfectly timed comedic cameo from his wife.

Follow George and Le Agency Holding Company CEO on LinkedIn.

George is on Twitter.

Here is his Ad Aged Blog.

And his Website.

Here are the AdHouse Classes he teaches at.

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