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03rd May 2019

Fredrik Hallberg

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After traversing lakes, vast boreal forests and glaciated mountains, we finally caught up with the charismatic Fredrik Hallberg. Being born in the most boring town in Sweden, Köping, propelled Fredrik to leap into the world of computers, and ultimately the internet, just to find something interesting.

Fast forward in time, and he is now a seasoned Marketing Strategy Director and Management Consultant with more than 20 years of experience consulting Fortune 500 companies, digital start-ups, tech giants and domestic brands.

A popular speaker at many public seminars and lectures, Fredrik has also just taken a brand spanking new position as a Partner at The Commercial Works alongside Wiemer Snijders, curator and editor of the brilliant ‘Eat Your Greens’.

He talks to us on marketing strategy, brand purpose, the problem with online advertising, how important David Hasselhoff was to him in early life and a whole lot more!


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