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26th January 2023

Faizan Ali

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This week, we took one giant leap to catch aspiring astronaut turned account manager, Faizan Ali.

Currently Account Director at VMLY&R, Faizan is a loud and proud advocate for account managers worldwide. Having cut his teeth at Saatchi, JWT, and Hogarth Worldwide, he shares stellar advice on LinkedIn on how to calm storms, massage egos and help sell the work.

Tune in for an out-of-this-world chinwag on all things account management; why it’s both extremely hard and very simple, the qualities of a good client partner, what to do when s**t hits the fan, why agencies need to realise what added value it brings, the best way to deal with client briefs, the wording of the job title itself, having a point of view, timesheets, job specs, ego and tons more.

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And on LinkedIn for a choice cut of stellar account management advice.

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(01:42) - Quick fire questions

(02:50) - Starting a social media agency at university

(08:57) - First account management role at JWT

(10:41) - Why account management is extremely hard but very simple

(13:00) - Agencies need to realise what added value account management brings

(17:32) - Handling mess and politics as an account manager

(20:40) - Dealing with client briefs

(26:30) - Account Manager or Client Partner?

(28:20) - Listener questions

(34:28) - 4 pertinent posers

(38:56) - How to navigate problems to do with ego

Guest's Reading List

Good Strategy Bad Strategy

Richard Rumelt

Me Talk Pretty One Day

David Sedaris

Strategy Is Your Words

Mark Pollard

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