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01st April 2021

David Granger

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It’s lights out and we’re off with Red Bull Racing alumni, David Granger, in the driver’s seat, this week.

David got his wings managing the international digital and social strategy for Red Bull, its Formula One teams and for companies in aviation, fashion and music including the Wu-Tang Clan.

So protect ya neck as David brings da ruckus on reading ‘F1 for Dummies’ (twice) before joining Red Bull Racing, pissing off Fernando Alonso, owing his career to Leo Sayer, taking pole position ahead of other F1 teams on the socials and using it to deal with feuding fans…badly. Oh, and after a quick pit stop to chat AR in sports, find out what Giles really thinks of Pokémon Go.

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And David proudly dedicates this episode to Katherine Chan

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