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16th June 2022

Dave Wakeman

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We’ve gone bar crawling in Washington DC and laid bait of Tanqueray & tonic to lure and lubricate the writer, teacher, speaker and “Revenue Architect” Dave Wakeman this week.

Clients call him a “shot of adrenaline”, and his work has taken him around the world working with some of the world’s biggest brands like American Express, Google, Coca-Cola, Nike, and the Boston Red Sox. He’s also the host of the number 1 podcast in the world for folks marketing and selling sport, theatre, and experiences: The Business of Fun.

Join us for a proper session that takes us through his unique route into marketing via nightclubs, how gin taught him about customer experience and pricing (hic), leveraging Eddie Vedder, the vital choices faced when considering your strategy, The key P pricing, why discounts destroy brands, the meh metaverse and loads more.

Follow Dave on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Check out his website, which is also a good place to see his upcoming events around the world.

Here’s the amazing EB Research Partnership Dave worked with.


(2:30) - Quick Fire Qs

(07:45) - First ever job

(11:30) - Falling into Nightclubs

(18:50) - Price

(19:40) - Going from Nightclubs to Marketing

(22:35) - Different challenges with different types of live experiences

(26:20) - Route into and learnings on marketing

(30:10) - Gaining confidence and adding value to marketing

(31:40) - Eddie Vedder Story

(37:00) - Listener questions

(59:25) - 4 Pertinent Posers

(59:30) - Advice to younger self

(1:02:05) - Banish one thing from the industry

(1:04:30) - Recommended books

Guest's Reading List

A New Way to Think: Your Guide to Superior Management Effectiveness

Roger L. Martin

Managing for Results: Economic Tasks and Risk-Taking Decisions

Peter F. Drucker


Don Delillo

The Sheltering Sky

Paul Bowles

The Sun Also Rises

Ernest Hemingway

Confessions of the Pricing Man: How Price Affects Everything

Hermann Simon

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