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28th July 2022

Cameron Day

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Carpe Diem. Seize the day. The Cameron Day. This week we’ve snared industry legend, author and birthday boy, Cameron Day, for a chinwag.

Creative Director, writer, and chainsaw enthusiast, Cameron has been crafting ads and shape-shifting brands for over thirty laps around the sun.

Pile your paper plate high with topics including the influence of his father Guy Day (of Chiat/Day), writing his Advertising Survival Guides, hiring the quietest person in the room, patience, jargon, trying to pitch a naked lady ad, and tons more.

And the icing on the cake is a side-splitting story involving a power cut, an unfinished joke, winning the Land Rover account, too much sushi, and a fart that nearly brought down a plane. Party on.

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Here’s his interview with Luke Sullivan, David Baldwin, Thomas Kemeny and Nancy Vonk

Cameron’s Advertising Survival Guides

Chew With Your Mind Open

Spittin’ Chiclets


(02:06) - Quick fire questions

(03:20) - First ever job

(06:32) - How his dad, Guy Day, influenced his decision to go into advertising

(15:49) - Why he’s never tried to prove himself because of his dad’s name

(18:27) - His experience of big versus small agencies

(21:42) - Writing his Advertising Survival Guides

(26:43) - Why it’s so hard for creatives to leave work on time

(30:17) - Spittin’ Chiclets

(34:38) - Cameron’s disaster story that’ll leave you in stitches

(43:37) - Pitching a naked lady ad

(46:00) - Listener Questions (including one from Luke Sullivan)

(55:46) - 4 Pertinent Posers

Guest's Reading List


Thomas Kemeny

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This

Luke Sullivan

The Belief Economy

David Baldwin

Pick Me

Nancy Vonk

Well-written and red

Alfredo Marcantonio

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