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01st November 2019

Brian Macreadie

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This week we’ve traveled to a galaxy far, far away to ensnare Brian Macreadie; B2B Marketing’s self-styled Yoda.

Brian’s stellar career includes a period as Marketing Director for Media and Sport at Getty Images, marketing communication roles at large telecoms companies such as AT&T, and over 12 years’ experience as head of marketing at several international law firms. More highly decorated with medals than Ryan Giggs, Brian has over 60 prestigious B2B industry awards and is so highly thought of that he often sits on the judging panels themselves, including being 3-times judge at the B2B Marketing Awards.

He talks to us on his time in the Defence sector, his move to Marcoms, the pressures faced working in B2B, his encounters with the Sith (Digital Snake Oil Merchants), tips on how to write B2B marketing emails the B2B client-side impression of agency side, tips for briefing agencies and a whole lot more.


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