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27th January 2022

Andrey Ivanov

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We’ve commandeered a (now) irate New Zealander’s fishing trawler to poach the strategy and risk expert Andrey Ivanov for a right royal chit chat this week.

A podcast host in his own right, Andrey fronts the popular and educational Business Games podcast, where he applies game theory to help leaders overcome uncertainty.

Go press play and unleash a huge catch of informative piranhas, including why Andrey thinks business people should consider stand-up comedy, why poker is a good analogy for life, game theory, economics, how to make good decisions, and more.

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And this episode is dedicated to Alexei Domorev

Guest's Reading List

The Art of Strategy

Dixit, Avinash K., Nalebuff, Barry J.

The Rule of Benedict


The Expanse Series

Corey, S. A.

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