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11th July 2024

Andrew Jolliffe

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This week, we tracked a trail through deserts, glaciers, coral reefs, paddy fields, palaces, the DMZ between the two Koreas and an Italian hilltop to catch a copywriter with a lifetime of wild experience behind him. Ciao, Andrew Jolliffe. 

For 25 years he’s written ads, strategies, thought starters, content, manifestos and copy. Some of those have won him prizes in Cannes, Paris and New York, but more importantly, he still adores writing them. In an age where concepts cast shadows over craft, Andrew is a true craftsman. 

Full of refreshingly smart observations, Andrew talks to us on his organ building apprenticeships, fireworks accidents, Princess Di’s wedding, his "3rd career" in advertising, the internet as a vending machine, an outstanding defence of proper craft, and much, much more. 

Follow Andrew on LinkedIn 

Here’s his website, entirely written by his clients 

A short but very award-winning film he wrote with animator Darren Price  

MusiCuvia, music festival in Valcuvia, northern Italy, founded by Andrew 4 years ago 

And some Jack Dee for good measure 


(02:12) - Quick Fire Questions 

(06:03) - Andrew's Early Career: Pipe Organ Builder

(11:03) - Transition to Firework Technician

(16:20) - The Cutthroat World of Fireworks

(19:53) - Transition to Advertising

(23:54) - Learning the Craft at Ogilvy

(25:09) - Understanding People from All Walks of Life

(26:14) - The Value of Real Experiences

(27:32) - The Internet as a Vending Machine

(29:59) - The Importance of Craft in Advertising

(32:22) - Consumer Intelligence and Craft

(45:00) - Advice for Aspiring Advertisers 

(52:06) - Pertinent Posers 

Guest's Reading List


Ian McEwan


Ian McEwan

Black Dogs

Ian McEwan

The Pornographer

John McGahern

The Plot Against America

Philip Roth

The Howard Gossage Show

Steve Harrison and Dave Dye

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