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Mark Ritson

A marketing speaker who doesn’t (only) speak marketing. Thankfully.

Marketing has never been short of people telling you how to do marketing well. What it has always lacked are people who are passing on the knowledge they’ve acquired from successfully (and unsuccessfully) marketing not only their clients, but themselves.

When my trophy wife Sophie and I founded …Gasp! it never crossed our minds that we wouldn’t spend as much time, effort and creative energy on marketing ourselves as we would our clients.

That’s why we host a top marketing podcast, Call to Action® (over 500,000 listens / top 1% globally) with some of the biggest brains in the industry.

It’s why we set up an independent publishing wing to …Gasp!, so we could collaborate with brilliant marketing minds on the kind of books that no one else in the industry was publishing.

And it’s also why, when we all got trapped inside by Covid, we set up ISOLATED Talks® – a series of free video talks from some famous industry names, that has so far has more than 3 years worth of views worldwide, and £3m of media donations.

All of this alongside running a successful indie agency – a success built upon strategically, creatively and consistently blowing our own trumpet.

So when I’m booked to speak at an event, or for a business, I don’t talk about the abstract theories or case studies that you probably already know. I talk about stuff I’ve learned from stuff we have really done in the real B2B world.

From charging for creativity instead of time, to abandoning our fetish for the future to explaining why ‘brave’ is such a daft thing for marketing to aspire to be, my talks are about the ways brands can succeed by breaking the so-called rules of modern marketing.

The …Gasp! philosophy is to do proper marketing and nothing else. It’s a philosophy I’m always happy to share – and one I know can erase the waste and the waffle from your marketing efforts.

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