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Obama Praises Soccket

Product Branded By Gasp

I woke up this morning, (this isn’t a blues song) to a truly lovely surprise. I followed my usual routine, bleary eyed I checked the BBC news homepage and staring me back as a lead image was a product branded entirely by Gasp.

A blogworthy story in itself you’re probably thinking; a Gasp client featuring in a lead story on BBC news, that’s a big deal, isn’t it? You’d be half right; because the novelty was increased immeasurably by the fact it was none other than Barack Obama holding the said product.

The President was playing with a sOccket ball; a football that captures kinetic energy during gameplay to be used later to charge LEDs and batteries, a potentially life-changing development for communities that have no access to electricity.

We’re extremely proud of the heights that sOccket has achieved since Gasp created a whole new brand personality complete with a new logo, strapline and website back in late 2011. Since then it has featured on TED talks as well as in Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative.

Jessica Matthews (pictured right), CEO of Uncharted Play - sOccket’s parent company - and co-inventor said of our work;

“The input and expertise from Gasp to develop the sOccket brand ready for mass distribution and marketing has been invaluable. After a year of testing sOccket across Africa, Spain and Haiti, it has been really exciting to see the brand come to life. The Gasp team are creative, innovative and have fresh ideas; all of which will help us to empower hundreds of thousands of people worldwide living without modern energy to get safe, immediate access to electricity.”

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Barack Obama said in the final speech of his African tour that he thought the sOccket ball was ‘pretty cool’; he may well have been referring to Gasp’s branding…I suppose we’ll never really know. Though it was churlish of him to not at least mention the logo ;-)

Original logo and strap line created by Gasp, 2011.

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