Crunchy Nut Chocolate

Offers Up a Stellar Ad

I don’t know what Crunchy Nut (with chocolate!) has to do with the French Revolution, but this new ad from Leo Burnett - made me laugh. And anyone that’s read more than one of Gasp’s blog posts knows that we, like most people, are suckers for anything remotely humourous in advertising.

It’s beautifully shot, and initially seems very filmic. 

The first few frames immediately remind me of Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables, in the look of the set and the appearance of the characters – though in this instance Russell Crowe doesn’t atonally warble onto the screen and ruin everything.

In the following few seconds, especially once the aristos appear, the ad begins to feel very much like good-old camp panto – which is in no way a criticism! But overall I think this ad owes a debt to the series of Stella Artois ads from the early naughties, which show characters making huge sacrifices, mainly on behalf of others, in order to gain a taste of the product. Here’s the Stella ad that jumped into my mind when watching this;

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