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10 Tips for Improving your LinkedIn Ranking

LinkedIn can be a highly focused way of reaching key audiences, and an effective way to boost SEO too. We did some LinkedIn training with a client last week. Once they got started updating their profiles, they asked us why their company ranking was so low. Here’s some of the advice we shared.

To increase your search rank, you must improve your profile and perform actions that connect you to more people on the site.

Professional and company profiles are ranked via an algorithm that produces different results for different searchers based on data from a variety of sources. Sources include search keywords and phrases, searcher profile information, activity and connections, and profile information, activity and connections of all users who have searchable public profiles. To increase your search rank, you must improve your profile and perform actions that connect you to more people on the site.

1. Make a list of keywords and phrases you feel best match your industry, skills and expertise. For example, if you’re a PR company, you might consider “PR,” “public relations” and “media.”

2. Review profiles of highly connected professionals from your industry on LinkedIn for additional keywords and phrases that apply to your business, and add these to your profile where applicable.

3. Fill out all of the sections available in your profile so the “Profile Completeness” bar on the right side of the page is 100 percent blue, as a complete profile ranks higher in searches than one that’s incomplete.

4. Update your profile photo with one that you use on other websites so that people who see your profile on LinkedIn, or via an Internet search engine such as Bing, Google or Yahoo, can immediately recognise you and your business.

5. Check that your improved public profile is visible. Roll your cursor over your account name, click “Settings,” and then click “Edit Your Public Profile >”. Check that you have the “Make My Public Profile Visible to Everyone” box and all boxes for the individual profile sections selected.

6. Make sure you have as many genuine connections as possible, as profiles with many connections rank higher than those that have few. Take time to update your network.

7. Ask your connections for recommendations or to follow your company.

8. Join groups related to your industry. Go to “Groups” on the navigation bar, select “Groups You May Like” and click the “Join” button whenever you see a group that looks like a good match. In addition, join industry-related groups that people in your network have joined.

9. Update your status and activity frequently with any news about you or your business such as new accomplishments, projects, products and services, as profiles that have regular updates rank higher in searches.

10. Answer questions on LinkedIn, as building your reputation by proving yourself an authoritative source of information can increase your rank. Go to “More” on the navigation bar, select “Answers,” browse by categories, and then select and answer questions.

Perhaps you have some tips to share? Let us know. If you need any quick guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 0118 9797000

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